FAM is a boutique, full service artist management company established in 2004 by Nate Flagrant.


FAM is proud to represent multi-platinum selling producers and artists whilst  the development of emerging acts.

With over 15 years experience in the music industry, Nate Flagrant started out as an accomplished DJ, which progressed into event promotion, journalism and later entered into the realm of artist management. Since 2004 Nate Flagrant was responsible for breaking new acts such as Billboard Award winner M-Phazes, Phrase and Cam Bluff.

Never above getting his hands dirty, Nate Flagrant has built a reputation within the industry for taking a hands on approach to dealing with every aspect of his artist’s careers. Always at the forefront of music promotion, FAM is constantly researching and engaging in new ways to approach marketing and publicity.

Most importantly, FAM prides itself on nurturing the careers of it’s artists and creating the opportunities they need to succeed in the music business.


In house publicist and all-round sweetheart, Emma Zoller joined the FAM team in 2013 and has been an integral member of the operation ever since.

After years of globetrotting, working in the Middle East and spending a less than desirable amount of time selling her soul as a Media Officer for the Public Service, Emma decided to bite the bullet and move to Melbourne, joining forces with Nate Flagrant & FAM to work in the music industry full-time.

A fan of Hip-Hop/Trip-Hop (and rather surprisingly East 17), Emma oversees the day-to-day PR activities for FAM, her love of fostering artist development and commitment to furthering the exposure of the FAM roster is second to none. Oh, and she likes to use long words like ‘Totalitarianism’.